Wait, Did This 15-Year-Old From Maryland Just Change Cancer Treatment?

via Forbes.com

His name is Jack Andraka, and he loves science and engineering with every inch of his 15-year-old soul. Just spend a minute or so watching this video. Seriously, do it now before you read more. Nothing from the Oscars or Grammys comes close to the unabashed excitement and joy of Andraka charging up to the stage to accept his $75,000 grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May. This is the Olympics of youth science, with more than 1,500 entries from 70 countries competing, each of which already won their national competitions.

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    Ha this little spaz is a little genius, good for him.
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    Really, the video is so worth watching. I am crying with happiness for this kid. This sweet little queer boy probably...
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    Ladies and gentlemen, the Matt Patton of scientists.
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    This kind of thing.
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    Holy shit, not only is this kid’s project fucking amazing and could help an insane amount of people, but he is crazy...
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    At 15, the questions I was asking were, “Would you like fries with that?”
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    Damn. If you want to feel bad about what you’d accomplished by 15 (or 35 for that matter) give this a look. And then be...
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